Vegan Diet

Maybe you know some friends or some people who take fad diets because they think that dieting is the solution to their problem of wanting to lose weight. Maybe one of them or a number of them believe in the power of plants, in that, they only want to have plants on their plate for every meal. Declared or not, if they start hating to have animals for food, we can call them vegans.

There are two types of vegans, if we base it on the word. Ethical vegans are those who stop eating and using animals. This means that they do not eat any animal products or food with animal products in them or cooked in animal oil. They don’t even want to wear or use any object like cosmetics which were tested on animals or have animal stuff in them. On the other hand, which will be the focus of this article, the dietary vegans are those who just don’t want to include animal products in their meals.

We believe that we all know what a balanced and complete diet consists of. It should be with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for every meal. Classic vegan diet were not well-planned which caused deficiencies and malnutrition in those who followed it. But nowadays, the vegan diet could be planned by an expert nutritionist or dietician in order to make your meals still complete.

Vegans don’t eat meat, so what do they eat instead?

Vegans substitute their meat for other preparations which can be mixed in with their greens. An example would be tofu. Tofu is made of soy beans and is the popular addition to the every vegan’s meal. Other food preparations include vegetable meat, processed in order to look and taste like meat, just like hamburger patties. For dessert, they have non-dairy products, or soy milk for their ice cream.

Having a vegan diet was attributed to a decrease in cardiovascular diseases, that’s why it is good for those who want to maintain healthy blood vessels and a healthy heart. However, this diet is not advisable for those who want to build muscle. Although legumes and nuts are also rich in protein, they still have less protein content than meat. Another thing that would be deficient would be iron, since the food richest in iron is meat.

No matter what you prefer to eat, it doesn’t matter, as long as you keep it in mind that your meals should always be balanced and complete, without giving you any deficiencies. Always consult an expert when planning your meals. Eat healthy!

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