White Bean Extract

All these times scientists and avid researchers have never stopped searching for ways to make human life easier. New ways, objects, things, and stuff keep coming up, especially on how to deal with health issues. Since most Americans today have issues on how to maintain a healthy body weight, many methods have been discovered, practiced and put online for many readers and health-conscious people to read.

Recently, the white bean extract has been popular in the news, advertisements and endorsements from our friends and acquaintances. Many people, upon reading that it is helpful for weight loss, skip reading the rest of the articles and immediately go to a nearby drugstore to buy some white bean pills and supplements. Well we tell you what, it is always wise to know ALL about this thing that you want to take as a part of your life, so that it won’t become a traitor in the end.

What exactly is a white bean extract? This is a substance derived from kidney beans. This substance inhibits the work of an enzyme in our body named “alpha Amylase”. Now as the terms get more scientific, we will try our best to explain this in a way that you would understand. Take a metal chain as an example. We will call this metal chain as “Amylose”. Now, amylose is a type of carbohydrate that is found in many foods such as potatoes, cereals, rice and etc. This metal chain, before it can be absorbed by our gut, should be broken down into its individual links, and this is the work of the alpha Amylase. White bean extract prevents the alpha amylase from doing its responsibility, leaving the chain of carbohydrate intact. In this way, it cannot be absorbed by the body, and will be later on expelled in the toilet.

Sounds cool, right? But this isn’t all good for everyone, especially those who are already ready to buy them. This has side effects to our body, and if they can’t be treated in the right way, they can cause big problems. The major side effects are diarrhea, ketosis, and weight gain.

Why diarrhea? The amylose is a complex carbohydrate and is also a form of a fiber. Fiber soaks up water in our gut like a sponge. This makes our feces wet.

Ketosis is a condition of excess ketones in the body. Carbohydrates are the body’s main energy source. So when the body senses that it is not absorbing carbs anymore, it will resort to breaking down protein to gain its needed energy. The result is a huge amount of ketones in your blood.

Weight gain is definite when you end your supplementation. Because you made your body hungry for carbohydrates for an amount of time, it will be much happy to absorb carbs if there is nothing blocking them anymore. Thus, results to weight gain.

It is not wrong to use supplements in our goal to lose weight. But when we rely solely on them without doing our part in exercising and eating healthy food, we will have an ineffective way of keeping ourselves fit.


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