Crazy Weight Loss Issues – Bulimia Nervosa

Many people have these bizarre diets and schemes in order to lose weight, but some seem crazier as they go overboard with obsession and preoccupations on losing weight. Some are so overly concerned with how they look like that they don’t know that these thoughts and actions are already serious psychological conditions. One of these is bulimia. In order to understand what bulimia is, we have to know Marnie.

Marnie is a girl who is 18 years of age. She is tall, has a slim frame, and she is beautiful. She has friends who have the same built and height and who have the same interests – to look beautiful and to party whenever they get a chance. Marnie likes to socialize a lot and along with these socializations, she likes to eat. She eats whatever she wants to, eats a whole lot at one standing, because she gives in to what she wants always. But, the thought of getting fat with all the stuff that she has eaten, brings her guilt. She doesn’t want to get fat. She wants to remain beautiful, lean, slim, and attractive. Every after she eats, she goes to the restroom, forces herself to vomit out everything she ate, or to expel them all out by drinking laxatives. Afterwards, she starts eating again. Because of this, Marnie doesn’t gain weight and quite maintains her figure.

As the time passed by, Marnie noticed cavities in her teeth and a stinging throat, a lack of energy for any activity and stomach pains. Soon, she observed her weight to be fluctuating, and her feces was black in color. Marnie one day faints at school and was rushed to the hospital.

Marnie has the condition of bulimia nervosa. She likes to eat, but she expels everything and doesn’t want to absorb the food. Because of the frequent vomiting, cavities and throat ulcers can form. Our stomach contains gastric acid, and with frequent vomiting, the acid reaches the food pipe, the throat, and the mouth. A low level of electrolytes, such as potassium, and dehydration can also result, leading to weakness. Potassium is essential for our muscles and water is very important for our cells to to function well. Stomach ulcers can also occur, which may worsen and lead to bleeding. Black feces is one sign that there can be bleeding in the stomach. Soon, if the conditions go on, the body surrenders and shuts down, therefore, fainting.

Bulimia is especially common among teenagers and among girls. Therefore, complete guidance with regards to diet and psychological support should be given to this age group when it comes to nutrition and being healthy and fit. Those who want to lose weight should not go overboard with this. Bulimia is just too much, and instead of making you healthy, it can kill you. So for best results, consult a fitness expert and nutritionist, because they know the best way on how to make you beautiful, just the way you want yourself to be.

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