How to Burn Belly Fat


Belly Fat is a slang term for abdominal obesity or central obesity. It is the accumulation of fat in the waist area, resulting in an increase in waist size.

Different types of fat are stored inside our body. Visceral fat, located in between internal organs and torso; subcutaneous fat, located underneath the skin; and intramuscular fat, located in between the skeletal muscles.




Belly fat is mainly caused by improper diet and a lack of exercise. Most people, especially men, think that big bellies are okay, but what they don’t know is that abdominal fat, especially visceral fat, is dangerous when in excess. Visceral fat can accumulate around your vital organs, such as the liver and pancreas, which can pose great dangers to your health.








The best and most practical way to lose your belly fat is through exercise and proper diet.

The best exercise for your belly fat is an over-all cardio or aerobic exercise. Sit-ups and crunches don’t work for most people and is useless against belly fat. Say hello to jogging, running, jumping jacks and aerobics. These types of exercises make you burn more calories by using more energy. Belly fat is stored energy, that’s why, you have to work even more than just tucking up your belly and sitting-up for a hundred times each day. Weight-lifting can also help, so hitting the gym could be an option.

Walking will also help you use extra energy and burn extra calories. If you have the chance to walk, why not take it. It’s not only good for your belly, but walking increases your body’s blood circulation and increases the release of endorphins, also known as happy hormones.

The proper diet mainly follows the principle of eating fewer calories than what you burn, so that the stored fat in you will be used as energy over what you eat. If stored fat is gone, then belly fat will be gone, too. Food with fewer calories are foods that are low in fat but high in protein. So the next time you buy that tasty-but stimulating food in the grocery, be sure to look at the nutrition facts label first.

For a list of foods that can help you burn fat faster, visit the FOODS Page.


Reducing intake of beer is significant. The caloric content of beer is overwhelming. Not only that, we must also add to that what you eat with the beer. The result is an amazing excess of calories that will later be stored in your body as fat.

Sugars are also great calorie carriers and it’s better if you limit them. The sugars found in sodas and high-carbohydrate foods such as candies and cakes are easily broken down to form energy. And if this energy remains unused after you eat them, they will be stored in your body as fat.

A little amount of body fat is actually good for your body. It helps with the maintenance of your body’s temperature. But when it is in excess, it’s another story.

Most of us would really want a firm, flat stomach. Not only does it help with our self-confidence and our social relationships, losing abdominal fat is one of the most important steps to a healthier and happier life.