Sweet Potatoes – The Healthiest Vegetable

Ever wonder what the healthiest and fittest vegetable is? It’s not green, and it does not grow above you. It is the humble sweet potato.

Who would have thought that this simple root crop has so much goodness inside it? In Asia, most of the people who live in the provinces have the sweet potatoes as a regular part of their diet. It is not anymore surprising that most of those who live so long (up to 100 years old) come from them. Truly, natural goodness, when eaten, gives you natural benefits.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has its own set of brilliant nutritionists who has given the award for number one among all vegetables to the sweet potato. This vegetable won because of its rich dietary fiber, natural sugars, complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A, C, iron and calcium content, and of course, for its very low saturated fat and sodium content. No naturally-occurring food has ever been this healthy.

Sweet potatoes also have a very low glycemic index rating because of its complex carbohydrates. This makes it so slow to digest that your blood sugar levels do not shoot up so suddenly, instead, your levels are regulated. This is good for the body a sudden spike in your blood glucose levels can also cause a sudden fall in the glucose level. This is called hypoglycemia, which is not good for the body. Signs of hypoglycemia may include weakness, dizziness, hunger, and when it gets worse, you can faint. Hypoglycemia is lethal for the brain because the brain’s primary source of energy is glucose.

How do you prepare the sweet potatoes? These can be fried to look like French fries, can be baked into pies or can be made into soups. A lot of recipes and delicious preparations are available online and they can also be planned in accordance with your already planned diet. These potatoes are stomach-filling, but very low in calories, which makes it a perfect partner for anyone who wants to have that healthy and fit body.

Just a word of caution for everyone who wants to include the sweet potato in their everyday diet, sweet potatoes contain the substance oxalic acid. This substance, when taken in high amounts can precipitate in your renal system which can form renal stones. But don’t worry, as long as you increase your intake of water simultaneously with your sweet potatoes, the oxalic acid can be flushed out and prevented from precipitating.

It is therefore true that one does not have to resort to synthetic preparations or medications in order to have a healthy body. Since our body is natural, the best for it is always natural, too.

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