Testosterone – Getting it Naturally for the Best Buff Body

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for all masculine features that you can see in a man. If estrogen and progesterone are the women hormones, testosterone is for men.

It is the hormone responsible for grown-up men’s characteristics, such as facial hair, deep voice, good muscle tone, and masculine actions. This hormone usually outpours during a man’s puberty stage, or the time of adolescence (age 13 to 18 years old). This is the reason why teens have sudden changes in their bodies and why they also shoot up in height.

Testosterone is also responsible for a man’s muscle tone and health. It has been studied that testosterone helps in reducing the risk for high blood pressure and heart problems. It is also the hormone responsible for building healthy muscle and bones in men. However, it is also the hormone which is linked to increased aggressiveness and smoking.

This is also the primary muscle-building hormone, causing the natural less fat percentage in men. This is the reason why many body-builders (including females) resort to using synthetic hormones and steroids which are ILLEGAL in order to bulk themselves up. These illegal drugs can pose serious threats to anyone’s health including heart problems, cancer, and kidney problems. Fortunately, testosterone can be increased naturally by means of exercise and proper diet without encountering the health risks mentioned previously.

Natural ways of increasing your testosterone naturally (without using any drugs and supplements) can be through increasing your zinc levels, eating more fiber and vegetables, losing more fat, working out using heavy equipment or doing strength exercises, get a good amount of sleep (6-8 hours) everyday, reduce stress in your life, and make sure you have enough intake of vitamins A, E, C and D. In addition to the others, there are two male ways that you can also increase your testosterone levels. It is by stimulating the source of your hormone: your testes.

Your testes, or your balls, are the factories of your testosterone hormone. In order for it to produce a good amount, it’s temperature has to be regulated. Your testes should not be so warm, it can destroy your sperm. That is the primary reason why your testes dangles away from your body so as to prevent it from getting too close to your body, which is warm. Avoid tight underwear or clothing down there, to provide an optimum environment for your testes. Another way to increase your testosterone is to have a good amount of sexual stimulation. When you are stimulated, or even during a sexual act, your testosterone levels are high.

Your body was really created by a smart being and you do not have to use any supplements or artificial drugs in order to make it better. Natural ways are always available to make achieve what you want for your body in order to be happy. It just takes patience and determination in order to be successful.

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