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Q&A Episode 2: How long does the food you eat stay inside your stomach?

Tweet Another week, another Q&A. Today’s question is: “How long does the food you eat stay inside your stomach?” If you’ve never thought about this or are curious, watch this video to find out: Before your food arrives in your stomach, of course, first, you have to chew and swallow it. Chewing food takes between 5 to 30 seconds Swallowing takes about 10 seconds Food churning and grinding in the stomach can last 3-4 hours It takes 3-6 hours for food to move through the small intestine The remaining water in the food is...
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Q&A Episode 1: How long should I exercise to burn fat?

Tweet You are curious. We are wise. That’s why we’re starting off our weekly Q&A sessions. Every week we’ll pick the best question and make a video out of it. Watch this week’s episode: The duration and frequency of exercise for fat burning depends on 3 things: Your current fitness level The kinds of exercises performed The intensity of these workouts Beginners need more recovery time in between exercises, but as they develop and become stronger, they can exercise more frequently.  More intense and heavy training...
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