Fat Burning Furnace Review

The author of the Fat Burning Furnace Book is Rob Poulos, along with his wife, Kalen. Rob Poulos is a USbased fitness expert and has been known to have had issues with weight loss in his younger years. He had his own struggles with weight problems and his health, pushing him to do years of research and experimentation about the best and fastest fat burning program. In his preface, he exposes the fat burning industry’s confusing ideas about fat

burning and weight loss, and how the FBF Program is different from all others.


The FBF System book has 158 pages, with guiding the reader on how to lose fat by gaining muscle, raising the resting metabolic rate, and by using specific routines and exercises which he has tested and used.

In the preface, Rob Poulos emphasized about consulting a physician before starting the FBF System. This is actually good, although I think it should have been reinforced or restated in some parts because I believe that this is one of the steps that are often neglected by those engaging in these types of exercises.

For a visual type of reader, the first few parts of the book are a bit too wordy. At around page 47, though, there appears the FBF Compound Exercises Table, which shows the types of exercises and the muscle groups being worked on. This is really useful for those who want to do extra effort on specific spots in their body. The book’s Isolation Exercises have pictures for an idea or visualization on how the correct posture and position should be done in doing the exercises. The pictures also shows the equipment being used.

There are different routines for different people, such as the beginner’s break-in routine, intermediate level routine, and advanced level routine, which has guidelines and charts for body part emphasis.

The book also has a diet guide, emphasizing on satisfying calorie-cravings through micronutrients more than macronutrients. The book also teaches how to create a high RMR and a high calorie deficit by eating the right kind of foods. Rob Poulos also introduced another most important meal in a day, aside from breakfast, making them the two most important meals everyday in a person’s life.




Rob Poulos believes in INTERVAL EXERCISE, meaning an interval in the intensity of your exercises along with rest. The book has an example of a 7-day schedule and plan on how to do the interval exercise. Emphasis is given to high intensity training, such as weight lifting and muscle building as one of the ways to increase the RMR.

There is a beginner, an intermediate, and an advanced level routine (depending on how long the user has been on strength training) which are approximately 25-35 minutes in duration, 3 times a week. Then Poulos teaches you how to “listen” to your body after your exercises. A full body workout is emphasized, with a slow onset in order not to damage muscles and other parts of the body.

Poulos also teaches how to eat properly together with exercising. The explanations are so easy to understand and the guides are convincing. The enumerated foods are not foreign and maybe, not new to many. The only problem may be is with the acceptance of its readers of the suggested food choices.

With the types of exercises that the FBF has explained, I rate the product an 8 out of 10. Rob Poulos does not lack encouragement in his book, which can give additional motivation to his readers and clients.  The diet guide is not that bad, too, and anyone can follow it, but physician consultation about the diet is not mentioned in the book, which, I believe, is important for any person. I also think that the FBF program would be more effective if sparked in with something fun, like some programs or routines done with a partner. But all in all, I think the FBF System deserves to be recognized in the fat burning industry.





  • Isolation exercises have photos
  • Contains a good and wide enough list of choices for the best nutrition that should be coupled with FBF
  • Good facts and well researched points about nutrition
  • The FBF routines are applicable anywhere, at home or at the gym, with exercise equipment or none.
  • Good for those who are busy and have little time to exercise but want to maximize their abilities to burn fat
  • Points are well-explained and easy to understand.
  • No stretching or warm-up necessary
  • The importance of rest and sleep are emphasized.



  • Pictures included are only those with heavy exercise equipment. Since FBF is also applicable to those without any equipment, it should have been more encouraging to have included pictures without using equipment.
  • Not for those who are accustomed to and those who love long cardio exercises.
  • Videos are not available for all, especially in the deluxe package.
  • Consulting a physician before following any meal plan in the diet guide should have been included. There can be certain restrictions for some people which can harm them rather than help them.